Wow mobile armory not updating

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My character's model has not been updated in the Armory in several weeks.I'm in my prot spec, yet I'm dual-wielding 2-handed axes.If you cannot log in and delete them, please let an in–game support representative know.You may reference my comment here if the Game Master fields you my way again.Automatic confirmation can be done by switching items in specified slots.

We're in the process of gradually re-enabling these services so everything should be up and running again soon™.

Remember: It's NOT an app issue, it's Wo W.

It's very likely that the Trial Wo W license and your current Wo W license are not one and the same.

That sometimes forces an update for your character on the blizzard API.

I've also noticed the tiny thumbnail image in the mobile app is not updating either, though the main character model IS.

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