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I’m telling the server to water his drinks down ‘cause I see where this is going. Ditka tried to step in to diffuse the situation, but Tyson then stepped to him too and let him know how he Holloway: Jordan, it’s obvious he just wants to get up and run. ’ He says to Dent, ‘Y’all scared of this damn white man, Richard? That night was crazy and from the sounds of it, Jordan is lucky Mike didn’t kill him. Mike telling everyone he’s going to bust Jordan’s ass.

Despite the fact that Jordan reportedly dated Givens before Mike, Rory said Tyson still was bothered by them being together: It was a circus, for real, that night. Jordan’s dressed sharp as always and he can’t get out of there fast enough.

Rory Holloway and Mike developed a relationship while Tyson was learning his craft under Cus D’Amato as a young teenager and Rory says he was by his side until they fell out in the late 1990s.

In his book, he detailed the night he joined Tyson, Michael Jordan, Chicago Bears coach, Mike Ditka, star defensive end, Richard Dent, and boxing promoter, Don King, for dinner at a Chicago restaurant.

Tyson Beckford and ex-girlfriend Shanina Shaik reunited at the U. Open this week, a month after her brief dalliance with Justin Bieber ...

that led to Beckford giving us one of the greatest quotes ever. Bieber and Shaik were photographed together in July hanging out on a yacht in Ibiza and when we asked Tyson about it last week ...

he absolutely DESTROYED Biebs with an epic one-liner.

Worried that things may get problematic, Holloway says he asked the waiter to limit Tyson’s alcohol intake because it was public knowledge that Jordan apparently once dated Givens and Givens was Tyson’s weakness at that time. News that Daley has been dating Dustin Lance Black, the 39-year-old writer who won an Academy Award for his screenplay for Back in October, Daley and Black were spotted together for the first time, grabbing a snack at The Coffee Bean in Hollywood. It was always in the back of my head that something like that could happen, but it wasn't until spring this year that something just clicked.(All images via VEVO)There are a couple of things you can always count on in any given Britney video: Crop tops, hair flips, and a hot, hot man (or several).Givens claimed that Tyson had a volatile temper and was scary to be around. To anyone around.” Although Givens claims were never proven, she filed for divorce soon after that interview. Steve’s wife, Marjorie, pissed off many of their fans, over the way she (seemingly unintentionally) offended many mentally ?“He’s got a side to him that’s scary,” Givens shared with Walters. I think there’s a time when he cannot control his temper. Tyson later revealed that they still continued dating each other after the divorce, which was officially finalized on Valentine’s Day in 1989. READ MORE Easter weekend kicked of with a bang for Mr. READ MORE By now, everyone has seen Tamar Braxton’s new haircut.

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