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TAM asks us to sympathize for and laugh with the most deplorable and chauvinistic of characters, like the obnoxious guys in high school who thought they were funny but weren't.

A bounty hunter learns that his next target is his ex-wife, a reporter working on a murder cover-up.When Jason is checking out William Matherson's facebook page, even though Jason only learned about him a few seconds before, the "friend-box" shows that they are already facebook-friends.See more » The ad campaign for TAM gives the impression that it will be, at the very least, a fun romp, but don't be fooled.The leads are attractive but not the usual "perfect" specimens we usually get in these films, and the situations, while often over-the-top, are quite humorously portrayed.The typical fairy tale elements seem to go by the wayside here and we're left with a harsher but very funny battle-of-the-sexes comedy for the times in which we now live.

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