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Professor Jessica Strübel of the University of North Texas said: ‘Tinder users reported having lower levels of satisfaction with their faces and bodies and having lower levels of self-worth than the men and women who did not use Tinder.’Prof Strübel added: ‘We found that being actively involved with Tinder, regardless of the user's gender, was associated with body dissatisfaction, body shame, body monitoring, internalisation of societal expectations of beauty, comparing oneself physically to others, and reliance on media for information on appearance and attractiveness.’She argued the way people select possible dates means persistent users may begin to feel depersonalised and disposable in their social interactions and develop heightened awareness and criticism of their looks and bodies.‘The objectifying effects of social media platforms, however, may be more pernicious than those associated with more traditional media outlets for example TV and magazines, because of its round the clock availability and constant scrutiny and evaluation by others.We also know that high self-esteem and self respect is absolutely crucial if you want to become someone who is naturally attractive to women, and a likable person in general.But building confidence and overcoming low self-esteem is not a very easy thing to do, especially if you’re someone who’s currently socially awkward and hasn’t had much success with girls lately.Researchers surveyed roughly 1,300 college students about the psychological effects of the app, according to a press release from the university.They found a strong correlation between Tinder and “self-worth indicators”, such as self-esteem, feelings of body anxiety and shame, and internalisation of cultural beauty standards. And they were shocked to learn male users suffered more negative effects than women.

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