Sedating antihistamines side effects

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The polymorphic CYP 2D6 metabolic enzyme appears to be potently inhibited by many of these over-the-counter medications.

The history of the discontinued “second-generation” antihistamines terfenadine and astemizole is reviewed to remind the reader why the understanding of the cytochrome P450 system became increasingly important when the cardiotoxicity of these drugs became apparent.

You can buy some of these from pharmacies without a prescription.

These include well-known hay fever and allergy products like Piriteze® (cetirizine) and Benadryl® (cetirizine or acrivastine) and pharmacy own-brands.

This helps to prevent inflammation and eases allergic reactions.Antihistamines and their drug-drug interactions are reviewed in depth.The metabolism of “classic” or sedating antihistamines is coming to light through in vivo and in vitro studies.Other antihistamines are only available on prescription because they may have side-effects or interact with other medicines you might be taking.Your doctor may recommend antihistamines that you don’t need to take so often.

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