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Dating Sim games demand that you get a character to like you by choosing the correct dialogue and in some games, touching the character in the right spot.If you do everything correctly to please your character, then you'll win the game and the love of your character.Talk to and romance up to 4 different boys before making one your boyfriend and taking them to the festival.This dating sim has twelve different endings to keep you entertained for hours.He didn’t mention the part about the Juumonji mafia group and only told them about how he saved the two delinquents. "You make it sound like I’m only willing to help beautiful people…" "I thought that you were such a person, but now I know you aren’t. Congratulations, how wonderful~" "What’s with your congratulations!?"So you save more than just beautiful girls or beautiful boys." Chiaki came to such a conclusion when he finished. " While retorting forcefully, Seiji used his chopsticks to speedily steal a rib from Chiaki’s lunch and placed it in his mouth. " "Okay okay~ you can have them~~" Chiaki smiled rather gently. "Seiji was confessed to," she began abruptly, "by a beautiful girl named Yukari Asamiya. Seiji was feeling the truth of this maxim after he learned that the twin sisters had joined the Morals and Discipline Committee and that the delinquent duo had some type of relationship with the cooking club.Seiji briefly explained how he met Kahei Watari and Takashi Kobayashi to Chiaki and Mika.

Flirt and date up to 4 handsome boys who each have their own unique personalities.There are 12 different endings, and many side events to keep players entertained. Please see the "Instructions" section of the game from the main menu for more info on game play.Your task in this cute dating simulation for girls of all ages is to explore a world with an interactive storyline and colorful characters.Unlocking all CGs will unlock a new picture in the gallery.Unlocking all the scenes will open the ABABO Afterword.

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