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However, within the world of ultra-thin and beautiful Hollywood stars, Garson stands out for his everyman appearance. I think people feel that I could be living next door to them." In addition to acting, Garson works with the youth mentoring organizations Big Brothers Big Sisters and Young Artists United and gives weekly readings to first graders through the Screen Actors Guild's "Bookpals" program. He competed on the 2003 Bravo show , where his ruthless card playing earned him the nickname "Evil Willie." In 2008, Garson began turning his attention to another challenge: parenting.

In fact, Garson credits his "Average Joe" looks with helping him land roles and connect with audiences. While Garson says that he always dreamed of getting married and starting a family, at age 44 and unmarried in 2008, he decided to adopt.

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And yet she’s insecure, about her future and where she fits in.

(When one of those co-workers asks her why black kids aren’t swimming, her deadpan response is “slavery.”), it’s not afraid to make room for other characters and points of view.

Molly is a fully formed, equally amusing character from the get-go, and Lawrence — who seems at first to be the horribly clichéd "lazy black boyfriend" — grows in later episodes into yet another character to cheer for.

He has followed that role up with a long string of TV and film roles. Born William Garson Paszamant on February 20, 1964, in Highland Park, New Jersey.

Interested in acting from a very young age, Garson started training at the Actor's Institute in New York City at the age of 13.

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