Qt ui file not updating

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qmake contains additional features to support development with Qt, automatically including build rules for moc and uic.

qmake can also generate projects for Microsoft Visual studio without requiring the developer to change the project file.

In the special case of downloading, you might want to use QNetwork Access Manager and friends, but in this case, we assume that you can't use it for whatever reason (e.g.

submit(); Because I do not see the modification on the Person Table View, I have to quit the application and restart it to view the modification of the name of the person in the Person Table View.

Can someone post the code to tell to the Person Table View that his model has changed and that it has to repaint or refresh or update or something else, the view. I need always to quit the application and to start it again to view the modification of the data showing in the Table View. But as a last resort (although I think there might be a problem with some other part of your code or with the dbms), try QAbstract Item Model (just remember it is protected).

The easiest way to use Vcpkg from Visual Studio is through the user-wide integration, making the system available to all VS projects you build.

This will require administrator access the first time it is used on a given machine. The best place to provide them is in the Git Hub repo: create new issues or vote on existing ones.

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