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‘I called in moth experts three times and they fumigated the entire house,’ says Marisa from Fulham, West London.

‘But even then, the moths persisted, eating tramlines in my best Max Mara and Joseph coats, and destroying my cashmere pashminas.‘At our wits’ end, we tried these ultraviolet plug-in lights that are supposed to catch the moths and electrocute them, but they just kept us awake all night, and didn’t catch one.

‘Some years, particular species will breed well, for no discernable reason.

‘Give your wardrobe and drawers a good clean before unpacking the new season’s clothes, too,’ advises clothing maintenance expert Julia Dee, of the clothing website Total Wardrobe Care.

The biggest draw for a hungry moth is stained clothing.

’ ‘Moths breed in dark, undisturbed places and a quick run-round with the hoover won’t shift eggs from those places, or wool carpets that are under furniture,’ explains pest expert Ian Miller.

‘You need to vacuum every nook and cranny, including inside wardrobes, and then follow it up with insecticide.’Up in Edinburgh, Caroline Mc Intosh has now invested in lavender sachets and cedar balls, and says: ‘I wash clothes at a high temperature where possible.

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