Professional photos for online dating

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Men and women are both visual so it's imperative that they have professional photos." Online daters are catching on.Dating has grown between 25 and 33 percent year-over-year since its launch in 2007, after Gooch had a event in his New York gallery.In June, Max Schwartz, a Brooklyn-based photographer, launched (not associated with the Tinder app that lets users evaluate other people through swipes to their photos - right means you "like" someone, left means you don't). "I randomly took a picture of one of my coworkers and he put it on his Tinder, and he started getting a lot more swipe rights," he recalled.Schwartz created humorous Craigslist ads promoting his online dating photo service and attracted attention, both positive and negative. Not to be confused with Glamour Shots, these photos fall somewhere between an actor head shot and an exterior portrait, said Gordon Gooch, founder of Dating And so another industry has been born: professional profile-picture photography. "People are becoming more aware that they have a personal brand and that they need to take care of it," says Gordon Gooch of Dating Headshots. "If you want to make an impression on someone, it makes sense to have a good photograph." Carol Turner, "a young 66" from Teaneck, N. "You want impact - good color, good composition, and a good-quality image," said Goldblatt, a professional photographer for 35 years in Blue Bell.

But as they say, no press is bad press, and Schwartz's site is now growing.But now about 20 percent do, a number that started growing in earnest three or four years ago.Langston attributes the growth to a decreased stigma regarding online dating in general."If you want to meet someone that is presentable and professional, then your pictures should be likewise," she said."Most of my 'flirts' were about my photos - many men said I had a million-dollar smile.

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