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Be sure that you list down your member username ID and password and keep it in a hard copy or small sheet of paper for future reference.Avoid losing your account details as the website is most of the time in down time or if not, it is rendered invalid in login page.But we have another kind of power that comes from the justice of our cause.So long as we are willing to sacrifice for that cause, so long as we persist in non-violence and work to spread the message of our struggle, then millions of people around the world will respond from their heart, will support our efforts … The amount of separation pay depends on the specified cause of termination.Our opponents in the agricultural industry are very powerful and farm workers are still weak in money and influence.Navigate to the page you want to visit or know about or make inquiry about.Latest Update: You can pay your SSS remittance contributions via GCash now.

For those having a hard time signing up, or coming up with sign up error or login error, please contact them here or by clicking the image above.

The United States and established the Insular Government to rule the Philippines. However, in 1942 during World War II, Japan occupied the Philippines. Following the assassination of Ninoy Aquino, Marcos held snap elections in 1986 and subsequently fled the country during the People Power Revolution which installed Cory Aquino as president and reestablished democracy.

In 1907, the elected Philippine Assembly was set up with popular elections. In the 21st century, the Philippines is the 12th most populous country of the world, part of ASEAN, a key ally of the United States, with an economy dominated by fishing and agriculture with a growing business process outsourcing (BPO) industry and nearly 10% of the population abroad as overseas Filipino workers.

In order to help make it easy for Social Security System (SSS) members to go straight to the my sss site, here is the log-in address for the official SSS online inquiry –

Otherwise, just visit the official website by typing in your browser this URL –

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