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Her version provides a counterpoint to Rushdie’s 2012 book Joseph Anton: A Memoir, written in the third person, which describes his ex as erotically beguiling but opportunistic and possessed of “majestic narcissism.” She’s “an American of Indian origin who had grand ambitions and secret plans that had nothing to do with the fulfillment of his deepest needs.” Lakshmi says she hasn’t read the book but laughs when told it refers to her “frequent moodiness.” “If you read my memoir, ‘moodiness’ as a descriptor of how I was feeling is quite the euphemism.” Lakshmi’s book doesn’t just provide a counternarrative to a story told by a great storyteller, one that takes its own creative licence (the “Sorry Hotel” is in fact the far-from-derelict Surrey Hotel, where chef Daniel Boulud personally sent up Lakshmi room service from his downstair’s restaurant).

It also outs the grim realities of endometriosis—a quest in which she’s joined by Lena Dunham, who has also gone public about suffering from the condition.

A triumphant “When life gives you kumquats, make kumquat chutney” spirit pervades this evocatively written book, a female uber-memoir that packs a dizzying array of modern lady themes into its 324 pages.

The tale, spanning continents, includes cultural dislocation, illness, racism, sexual assault, love, heartbreak, marriage, death, divorce, single motherhood, custody battles, weight battles, a “Lean-in” class in brand-building. She didn’t set out to write a full memoir, Lakshmi says by phone from her New York City apartment.

continue reading » [Read More] This book presents a comprehensive overview of global courtship and marriage customs, from ancient history to contemporary society, demonstrating the vast differences as well as the similarities across all of human culture.…

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It’s summer of 2007, and her eight-year relationship with Rushdie has just ended.

She’s living in what she calls the “Sorry Hotel,” “a musty residential place,” while suffering psychic and physical pain recovering from surgery.

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