Orthodox jewish dating questions

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But once I was Jewish, and I was dating with the purpose of marriage, my love life changed dramatically.Orthodox Jewish dating and matchmaking websites asked if I was disabled.However, the website didn’t ask if I had a criminal record, was a pedophile, a dead-beat parent, a sociopath, bankrupt, unemployed, a philanderer, or morbidly obese with severe halitosis. Jewish matchmakers seem to draw the line of defective at a disability.As a result of this algorithm, I was never matched with anyone.And I’ve found that one of my purposes is to educate the community on the importance of treating disabled Jews no differently than nondisabled Jews.Our greatest prophet, Moshe, had a disability — a speech impediment.She currently works as an attorney, writer, disability activist, and political adviser on disability rights and Israeli security, and hopes to attend Harvard Kennedy School of Government this fall to prepare to run for office.

By Ariella Barker Ariella Barker received her BBA and JD from Emory University. Why would you convert and limit yourself to less than 2 percent of the population? I only wished to marry a Jewish man and to raise my children with Jewish values.If I remained a , I would be unable to marry anyone. Before joining the Jewish community, despite my disability, I rarely struggled to find a partner.And they asked whether I was willing to date someone with a disability.This algorithm was meant to weed out the untouchables.

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