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A natural follow-up question, however, is whether this discussion changed my mind on the issue.The short answer: To provide a longer answer, I summarize below the four most common arguments in favor of Facebook that I received in reaction to my post (both publicly and privately), as well as my explanation for why the arguments didn’t move me closer to clicking “join.” Argument #1: Facebook makes it possible to maintain lightweight, high-frequency contact with a large number of people spread around the world. I’d rather keep my time and attention focused on interacting deeply with them instead of pinging a thousand “friends” with exclamation-point laden wall posts.

To be honest, this comments discussion is probably more valuable than the original post, as it covers a lot more ground, often quite eloquently.If I start checking Facebook during my downtime, in other words, I’m convinced that the overall quality and quantity of time I can spend doing hard things — like writing or solving proofs — will, rather quickly, begin to decrease.Furthermore, the idea that you can restrict your access to this addictive service to only downtime is naive.With very few people and peace, it’s so boring but it’s what I can have ’cause it’s even better ’cause I don’t have to check on it every time, I use it once or twice a week unlike the old one which I was always online on 24hrs 365 days!It’s so much better now I don’t invest a lot of money and time on Facebook although I have another crazy social media account which I recently disabled, Instagram!

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