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75* I make it hard for people to be friendly with me« 76.

Sg PIDS POSTAGE Audiovisual Aids; Bibliographies; Career Awareness; ^Career Education; 't'Class Activities; Classroon Gaaes; Classroon Techniques; Curriculu B Enrichment; Economics; ^Elementary Education; Learning Activities; Occupational Information; ^Resource Guides; Resource Materials; Self Concept; Self Evaluation; ^Teacher Developed Materials; Teaching Methods; Values Oregon; Portland ABSTRACT The career education idea book is aimed at the K-6 level and is designed to give useful ideas to teachers making career education a part of their program* The main thrust is developing an awareness of one's self and of the world of work* The book is color-coded for convenience; approximately half is comprised of activities in 11 areas: self-image; family needs; economics; job characteristics; lots *n lots of jobs; constructions; things to make; class organization; riddles, dramas, and games; field trips; and units* A 26-page audiovisual resource list provides titles available to the Portland public schools, but does not give original sources* Twenty pages illustrate bulletin boards featuring career education concepts, followed by 20 pages of bibliography, listing: (1) sources of information on occupations from accounting to wholesaling (among these is a two-page listing of titles and sources for teacher guidance materials); n Vaatal Whitakar Midcaa Whitaan Wilcox Woodaara Youngaon Rita Moora - Typiat Jan King • Typiat Jay Sttlth • Covar Barlow Bridgar Clark Colimbia Gragorjr Haighta Harvay Scott Rally Kannady Ua Lant Maryarilla Maak Rica Riglar Portland Public Sciool Printing Office K*6 Raaourca Ouida Projact Cooaiittaa Cathy Villiamat Projact Chainaan Diok Millart Evaluation Chairaan Karl Handrickaon John Eida Shlrlay Zurehar GUIDELINES FOR DSINp THE BOOK Tb B prt0«r.t philosoptqr eon Mmuag oar Mr tdueation is to x Ukm it «n integral iart of instructional • aoti Yltiaa ooeurrine in tho dovalop Mnt of baaie •killa. of daralopins a parallal program to tha aziating ourrieulw. At picnics and parties I enjoy myself more than most people • 51. ERLC 17 39* I think of xays Alf 48 a person with no special talonta . I AJB only afraid of things when I hars good reason to be afraid, 61 . Upon ew- plation of grada twal Ta it ia hopad that tha laam- • ar will havv ^^^alopad antrjr laral ecapatanea in tha oaraar a eboiea. Tba oaraar aauoation idaa book ia aiaad at tha ciadargartan through grada aix laral and ia da« aignad to gi^ uaafta idaaa to taaohara in aak- ^ oaraar adaoation a part of thair prognoa.

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