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The biggest thing it adds, in my opinion is the feeling of wide support you feel when you smile, it allows for a more relaxed and natural feeling when doing the half smile, you end up smiling more and that does something to your confidence. I know now that it was because the canines were pulled back and I lost my frontal arch (lip support).

Some people talk about confidence as a completely an inner mindset thing, and I explored that route for years.

So really the front of the mouth changed the most, after we got the front arch wide, I had Dr.

Gibbs modify the appliance where we got rid of the hinge, added on acrylic and put the screw in the middle to get even more expansion on the entire palate.

Below picture shows the expansion of my lower palate arch both laterally & anteriorly Expanded sideways and also forwards to regain the space for bicuspids.

Humans have the body, mind, emotion & possibly spiritual aspects that make up who we are & they are all inter connected, assault in one dimension can for sure affect others.

He is in Grand Rapids, MI Their office number is: 616-455-3020 He is light years ahead of conventional orthodontists.

& practices upon the same principles as John Mew aka “the greatest orthodontist of our time”, they are good friends.

Each bicuspid implant require 7 mm space, so we are talking pretty significant changes to regain all 4 spaces in the arch.

The front teeth may appear to tip forwards, but they were tipped too far back before.

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