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These exterior home remodeling projects deliver mass curb appeal and are truly OMG worthy. It was multi color with some gray bricks thrown in. It brightened up the facade immensely and even made it look larger. I love the color that Angela picked for her updated ranch. It doesn’t always have to take a lot of money to freshen up the exterior of a home. The after picture is so much more welcoming with just a few changes.

New landscaping, light fixtures and a new roof made it look fresh. The remodeling of the front entrance gave the whole house a face lift. By adding shutters to the small window, painting the front door black to match the shutters, adding landscaping beds to the left of the driveway and power washing the cement, it gave this ranch massive curb appeal. It also appears that they installed a larger window on the left but even without that costly change, the other improvements were enough to make a major difference for little money. A southern style front porch and second floor were added.

While there are too many updates to mention, the biggest changes are: – the addition of a master suite to the front facade of the home, which balances out the carport – utilitizing the narrow corridor between the addition and the carport as a defined entry and private courtyard – a snazzy metal roof – horizontal wood accents to emphasize the contemporary lines of the home I don’t know why but I’ve really been wanting a courtyard lately.

We actually hang out in our front yard a decent amount, and the thought of having a little extra privacy while you’re watching the world go by sounds appealing to me.

When planning your home's exterior colors, trims, railings, doors, and roofs should all be considered; the greater the exterior details, the more colors you can use.

Though the palette of colors has expanded immensely, it is necessary to show some restraint when choosing, for example: View this House Plan View Other Luxury House Plans There are no real restrictions on what styles can utilize what colors, however, do keep in mind that there are other rules about home exteriors.

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Exterior design is a fantastic opportunity to introduce your personal preferences to the entire neighborhood, reminding neighbors that you are building a home inside and out.

It is often a good idea to ask for opinions of neighbors and frequent visitors, as they can better evaluate color and layout options without bias. Exciting color and regular maintenance will turn your new house into a beautiful, welcoming home.

Spring is a time of year when many homeowners take stock of any exterior updates they need for their home.

Though color is a top priority in building a home with curb appeal, there are other components to consider: View this House Plan View Other Colonial House Plans Remember to pay close attention to your surroundings when discussing colors and landscaping.

You want to ensure that your home is beautiful and unique while appropriate to the area in which you live.

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