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Kato supported Nagasawa and cited Eikura as being "not a typical model because Eikura doesn't slur actresses".Eikura has appeared in advertisements for non-fashion/non-cosmetic items, including Coca-Cola, the Japanese Red Cross, Japan Post Service, Johnson & Johnson's Japanese branch, KDDI's au, Lion, and Nintendo's videogame Rhythm Heaven.In 2006 soon after PRIDE Critical Countdown Absolute, Eikura, under the nickname Samoan Eikura, interviewed Mark Hunt on the Tokai TV show The MMA Kingdom where Hunt said "I've never seen such a skinny Samoan".Eikura first worked with Masami Nagasawa in 2006, and since then she has appeared in eight TV commercials with Nagasawa.Based on the same-titled novel, the drama is set in the year 1964, the year the Olympics were held in Tokyo.

Kozue has a clean bob hairstyle with bangs that come slightly above her eyebrows.Kyoko does not dislike Kozue and always responds to Kozue's genuine friendliness in kind, but Kozue's relationship with Yūsaku does trigger her jealousy (which she would not admit as such) and as a result he always takes pains to keep all mention of Kozue away from Kyoko.Yusaku does find Kozue attractive, and admits to himself that he would have fallen for her if Kyoko was not in the picture, but because of his feelings for Kyoko he strives to maintain some sort of distance from Kozue; his naivety (both feigned and genuine) keeps their relationship platonic.Cute, sweet, and a little scatter-brained, she's oblivious to the fact that she is more interested in Yusaku than he is in her, and she does not recognize Kyoko (or later, Ibuki) as competition for his affection.Their relationship starts after Kozue finds Yusaku with a spare movie ticket (originally intended for Kyoko, who had just started dating Shun) and she invites herself along, setting the general tone for their relationship.

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