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Dying Light’s pivot from a one-off product to the games-as-a-service model has been fascinating to watch.

Midway through the developer’s 12-month support plan, players have gotten free weapons, characters, cosmetics, new game modes, and a steady drip-feed of community events. If Outlast 2’s frantic scramble through backwoods mutant village horror was just too much for you, there’s a new mode that may tune the game to your liking.

One of the faces on each die is marked with a HEX logo.

From now until April 19th, the citizens of Astera are decked out in their best seasonal garb, the avenues are lined with flowers, and there are exclusive quests that can reward you with special event gear.

Drop 5 is the addition of a new wandering mini-boss named Sgt. Additionally, Dying Light is celebrating the holiday by having an in-game Easter egg hunt.

Couples would walk hand-in-hand to class and leave love notes in lockers.

Drop 4 is a Prison Heist game mode set in a new penitentiary location.

Players must break into Harran prison and get in the armory in solo or co-op modes while fending off hordes of undead.

On April 26th, the Niko Bellic crime drama marks its decade of Liberty City mayhem by quietly losing some of its licensed music. But how do they explain the 1 on the d10 being replaced by a HEX logo?

Kotaku notes that similar soundtrack losses have occurred for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. And more importantly, why would a crunchy, in-depth, detailed, hardcore fantasy saga get a name that sounds like something inflicted on third graders forced to learn geometry?

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