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Beautiful women should be plentiful, abundant, and dying to be a part of your social circle and your life. It also means having the ability to seduce women like a rock star through this social circle.Let’s begin with basics, the building blocks that will help with the more advanced Social Circle Mastery concepts.A value connector may be a doorman or promoter who can get you into a hot venue.S/he might have access to parties, events, premieres, famous people, and so on. Remember in Chapter 7 of Magic Bullets when Savoy goes through the eight qualities that are universally attractive to women, and how the book shows how you can demonstrate Status (one of the qualities) through your social circle as well as through yourself? Some people are both social connectors and value connectors.It takes us beyond relying only on “cold approach” to meet women and enhance your social life.(Cold approach is meeting someone you don’t know and don’t really have any connection to.) It has several purposes – to make it easier to meet and seduce “10s” (shorthand for top models, beautiful actresses, Playmates, and other women who are the elite of the elite, at least in terms of looks) – and also to better manage your social life in general and to understand the social dynamics that affect any group situation, such as school or work.

A social connector is someone who has a particular and rare set of social skills.

When I showed up I could not believe all of the fake people running around selling ebooks.

And it has only gotten worse in the last then years that I have been an online dating coach to thousands of men all over the world. I am not one of those fake internet marketers duplicating peoples books. Borrow it from your momma if you have too but sign up now while the price is down this low!

Braddock’s story is slightly different (and hopefully we can get him to tell it in an upcoming LSi) but the point is that you don’t have to be one of the naturally socially powerful people to succeed with Social Circle Mastery.

Having social circle mastery means that you have the lifestyle, the friends, the connections, the access to people/places/parties/events and the hot women in your social circle.

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