Dating a non talker

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more The black males of today present themselves as rather weak and effeminate. more The dream of happily ever after is one many young girls have almost from infancy.Do we blame their fathers for abandoning them to be raised under the influence of women? Girls dream of falling in love, finding their Prince, getting married, having babies, and living happily ever after like in the fairy stories. more Baggage is the term used to describe the emotional and mental "junk" from the past that we carry around with us every day.Following are some general causes that research has shown to be important.1. There may be many people "out there" who you could be good friends with or could be happily married to. They live in another city or a block away, and you never meet them.Or, one person could be unavailable because he/she is already in a committed relationship.In reality, they are teaching manipulation, control, domination, mental emotional and sexual abuse,...

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So, if your partner has these romantic beliefs/values, then he/she will feel more attracted to you if you create these romantic conditions. Treating people with kindness as opposed to cruelty, listening intently and helping a person explore as opposed to ignoring or interrupting, and expressing caring and respect as opposed to contempt are examples of behaviors that almost universally increase the likelihood of closeness.

If your partner doesn't have these beliefs and values, they will be less affected by your efforts, but they still may react positively because of the fact that it was a sign of caring. People who care about others, treat others well, and have good interpersonal skills will generally be more successful with others than people who don't.

She believes that by proving herself to be "a good...

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