Dating a man who is going through a separation

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Am I legally separated if we're currently going through divorce?Mary's Question: Would I be considered legally separated if my husband and I are currently going through a divorce? A legal separation and a divorce are two separate processes. Betty's Question: We got married twelve years ago and he went to jail three month later.Is a legal separation wise if you're uncertain about divorce?

Should I get a legal separation while he's in a mental facility?Kathy's Question: We have not lived together for over ten years, but never filed any separation papers.Would be considered legally separated after all these years? To be considered legally separated, a court must issue a judgment of separation.One of the main reasons to get a legal separation is to protect your interests until you either divorce or get back together.Since some states require a period of separation before an uncontested divorce will be granted, a legal separation can spell out to how everything will be handled in the meantime.

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