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Read on to find out how to get your potential noticed.It’s helpful to enter the interview process with an understanding of some of the most common trip-ups – both those set up by interviewers, and those made by many interviewees.The operative word here is "stories" rather than just dry anecdotes.In fact, a dose of genuine conflict or humor can spice up your tales and make them more memorable to the interviewer – provided, of course, that each story’s final resolution emphasizes your maturation as a person and an employee.The most notable difference is that your audience is only captive for a few seconds, so you’ve got to know your main points in advance, and have some idea how to get them across clearly in the shortest time possible.At the same time, it won’t help to sound artificial or over-rehearsed – so you should aim to know your material well enough to summarize it off the cuff." a behavioral interviewer is more likely to ask something like, "What’s the trickiest situation you’ve ever been in with a boss? " And in response to your answer, a behavioral interviewer may even come back with a psychological-sounding follow-up, like, "I see. As described in the previous section of this article, the ideal preparation for a behavioral interview is some reflection on what you’ve learned from difficult situations in your career.Behavioral interviewers are looking for specific examples of your skills in leadership, communication, adaptability, organization and so on – so spend some time before the interview thinking of stories from your life that demonstrate how you’ve learned and used those skills.

Employees get fired for a whole host of reasons – downsizing, relocation, or a poor fit with a company’s culture – and many of those reasons have nothing to do with your value to other companies.

Avoid introducing the question of what salary range you can expect – if the interviewer wants to discuss this with you at this stage of the process, he or she will bring it up.

If you do get asked point-blank what salary you’re expecting, respond with an average figure for professionals in that region who hold similar positions (you’ll definitely want to spend a few minutes researching this prior to the interview).

As long as you keep your pitch short and sweet, keep it focused on helping the company, and convey honest passion for your work there, you’ll be surprised how receptive many managers are to pitches like this.

When an employer asks to schedule an interview with you, you’ll probably be expecting an in-person meeting – but some employers are increasingly relying on video interviews to save time.

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