Consolidating audio files logic

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Prior to the release of Live 7, much of Ableton‘s development effort was focused on carefully and objectively testing Live‘s fundamental audio performance.As a result of this testing, we have implemented a number of low-level improvements to the audio engine.On my system it was as follows; Audio I'm running Nuendo 3.2, and you're right, it is under audio instead of process..bad (actually process is a function under audio, if I'm not mistaken..I didn't have the program open at the time) Anyhoo, glad that you were still able to find it!Please note that “playback“ in this context refers only to the audio within Live, prior to the point at which it reaches your audio hardware.

As mentioned above, the focus of our research has been on objective (that is, quantifiable and measurable) behavior.

We add additional tests as we add features, and we will never release an update unless it passes every test.

Procedures in Live that will cause absolutely no change in audio quality are referred to as .

The list of neutral operations found below is provided primarily as an abstract reference; while all of these operations are, in fact, neutral, it is important to remember that each of them may (and almost certainly will) occur within a context that also contains non-neutral operations.

For example, running an audio signal through an effects device is a non-neutral operation.

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