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Plus, the APDT’s annual conference invites members to engage with one another in person and learn the latest research-based techniques relevant to the dog training field.

You can become a member of the APDT to network with dog lovers around the world and grow your expertise in a heartwarming industry.

“Our primary goal for the general public is to help them locate a trainer and to emphasize the importance of training,” Mandy said.

“Our community of dog trainers is far-reaching, so we can recommend somebody within 100 miles, if not significantly closer.” The APDT has over 4,800 members in more than 40 countries worldwide and boasts having the largest dog trainer search engine on the web.

The Short Version: The Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) connects 4,800 professional dog trainers with the knowledge they need to improve the relationship between man and canine.

The organization’s online webinars, newsletters, and forums provide useful information about basic dog etiquette, working dog tips, and other training issues.

You don’t need to have any credentials to join the APDT and become involved in this dog-focused community.

“There’s a lot more to dog training than pet animals,” noted Devon Hubbard, Editor for the APDT’s Chronicle of the Dog magazine.Maybe you send conflicting messages to the dog that leads to instability and disobedience.It’s a difficult situation, but there are so many helpful resources available for dog owners who want to do right by their pets.“Just like in any industry, there’s always more to learn,” Mandy said.“You can teach an old dog new tricks, and even an experienced trainer can learn a thing or two from others in the community.” As a whole, APDT helps dog trainers be the best they can be so they can bring dog-loving families closer together.

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