Chantelle paige dating tom kaulitz

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At 3 o`clock in the morning they finally “dropped anchor” at the hotel.

Chantelle could really badly coordinate her high heels with the cobblestones.

Scathing: Tommy didn't hold back in his lengthy social media post, accusing Chantelle of ignoring him in favour of her celebrity mates - aka the 'lasses from housewifes of chesser (sic)' - during a night out'I normally take it on the chin but not this time, the whole fact that we went for a meal last night and bumped into the lasses from housewifes of chesser (sic), so she never leaves there side but leaves me standing like a mug so a left, 8 hours later with over 50 calls to her not one answer.' He continued: 'Now sat in the airport because my ex girlfriend would rather sit with famous people and choose drink and what ever else goes with it, alot of it too, rather than come back the hotel with her lad, then rings that off a head, blames it all on me.

Whenever simple minds get the rare oportunity to watch other people how they fondle behind close car windows, they report afterwards with a smirk about their observation and like to embellish the following story with sticky phrases like “rush-hour”, “peak-hour traffic”, “traffic jam”, etc. It is the first picture, that shows the Tokio-Hotelier Tom Kaulitz (19) clearly kissing with a woman.

Both drove to the Elbe, visited together the Italian restaurant “La Vela”, what means “The sail”.If we look (and now also you) at the lightly blurred picture at the top of this site, we see two humans, who fondle behind a close carwindow tenderly, but we say of course nothing sticky, just something like “Hoppala”. This woman is Chantelle Paige (21), singer of the American band “Flypside” (current song: “When it was good”).Those among us (and among you), who are fans of the Magdeburger boygroup “Tokio Hotel” as well, are now additionally at the latest deeply impressed and shout, at least half-loudly, a “Donnerwetter” (= Wow! Instead of flying back to Los Angeles after a performance in Stockholm, the former model comes to Hamburg for visiting Tom.He also has to face the new mechanic that his father hired who keeps trying to come onto him.Will Bill be able to cope and fall in love all over again, or will it be too much? Tom and Bill are about to turn sixteen and ready to be wed off. Bill is being forced to be courted by the only available man that would take him, and it's not by choice. Bill and Tom are in love with each other, but that is a sin in their village and they must hide it or risk being caught and shunned from their village forever.

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