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“Rock stars date models because they can,” he says. “From the girls’ point of view, it’s, ‘Maybe when you were in Cleveland you were dating the local dentist, but are you going to do that when you’re on the cover of Vogue?

“If you’re free to go out with anybody, wouldn’t your first choice be some gorgeous 21-year-old blond, before it would be that sweet secretary down the hall with the thick arse? And why do willowy young models feel this compulsion to make rockers’ dreams come true?

By all accounts Peter Sellers was an anxious, jealous and insecure man, difficult to work with; Ekland has also said he was mentally ill and today would be called bipolar.

On April 5th, 1964, Peter Sellers took amyl nitrate as a sexual stimulant in preparation for sex with Ekland; they were drinking champagne when he had a heart attack.

Britt Ekland returned to filming movies and appeared as an uncredited Party Girl in the romantic comedy (1967), co-starring Rossano Brazzi.

She also became an instant step-mother to Peter's son Michael Sellers and daughter Sarah Sellers.

While not without it’s share of self deprecation (not to mention schmaltz – at one point the former Bond girl passes photographs of her children round the audience) it’s the sort of show only a devoted fan could love.

But if you’re a Britt Ekland fan exactly what is it you’re a fan of?

Furthermore, it wasn’t Kelly by Rod’s side but Rachel Hunter, 21, Stewart’s wife of two months. That suit was settled out of court for an undisclosed figure.

“And the first suit was served two days before his wedding.

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