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“Sometimes celebrities don’t really fall in love with the other person,” maintains clinical psychologist Tom Cottle, who often quizzes the famous on his syndicated TV series Up Close.

“They get off on the headiness of celebrity life, the public adulation that goes with being a glamorous couple in a glamorous world.” “Unfortunately, even celebs get star-struck by images,” agrees John Derek, who was married to Ursula Andress and Linda Evans before he became Bo’s tactician. 1 is the person everyone feels they should go with.” He points to hunky Tom Selleck as a notable exception.

“If you make a similar amount of money,” notes Kirstie (Star Trek II) Alley, who dates Parker Stevenson, late of TV’s The Hardy Boys, “you can afford to do a similar amount of playing.” Though the bonds of celebrityhood may unite some lovers across vocational lines—pairing Rolling Stone Keith Richard with model Patti Hansen or actress Jacqueline Bisset with ballet dancer Alexander Godunov—necessity is more often the mother of amorous invention.After you’ve kissed a colleague on camera, it’s a lot easier to establish intimacy outside the work area.” Clint Eastwood and Sondra Locke were smitten shooting The Gauntlet. Though Cupid has not messed with her personally on location, Conan the Barbarian’s Sandahl Bergman understands the phenomenon. “Things happen.” Bergman adds that the demanding and odd hours performers work cut down their amorous options, too, not to mention the energy they have left at day’s end for explaining the abstruse ways of their business to outsiders.As muscleman Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bergman’s Conan co-star and steady of JFK’s TV journalist niece Maria Shriver, remarks, “It’s nice sometimes to be able to talk in shorthand.” Then there are performers’ myriad insecurities.Love Boat’s Bernie Kopell quips, “Asking why celebs date celebs is like asking why monkeys date monkeys—they’re thrown together.” Or as producer Robert Evans puts it, “It’s really true that the only people one tends to meet are people in the business.” He should know; Evans numbers among his four glamorous ex-wives AM Mc Graw, who later married Steve Mc Queen, and Phyllis George, now the wife of the governor of Kentucky, John Y. For lack of other opportunities, people in every business often wind up dating each other, and nowhere is that more true than in the entertainment world.One reason Cottle cites “is the already high level of intimacy.

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