Adult attachment working models and relationship quality in dating couples validating phony army interrogators exposed

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(See Main, 1983, for further details concerning the secure toddler's exploratory behavior.)The typical mother of an anxious/ambivalent infant exhibited inconsistency in responding to her infant's signals, being sometimes unavailable or unresponsive and at other times intrusive.In the Ainsworth Strange Situation, these infants were preoccupied with their mother's availability, and this preoccupation precluded exploration.Just as studies of love generally ignore its relation to work, studies of work tend to ignore its relation to love.Research on work has focused primarily on aspects of the work environment that influence job satisfaction (e.g., Fiedler, 1967; Kohn & Schooler, 1973; Levinson, 1969; Parker, 1983), for the most part ignoring possible links between satisfaction with work and satisfaction with relationships (see Piotrkowski, 1978, for an exception).Overall, the results illustrate the power of a process approach to explaining the developmental sequelae of maltreatment.`It is an excellent volume for attachment researchers at all levels.Substantial evidence indicates a link between exposure to family violence in childhood and troubled social relationships.We draw on attachment and social-cognitive theory to formulate a model of the mechanisms underlying this association.

Her research interests include marital and family relationships (especially attachment relationships), interpersonal communication, and the link between personal relationships and health.

She has published a number of widely cited articles and book chapters in these areas.

received a Ph D from the University of Queensland in 1981 and is Professor of Psychology at the university.

By extending our research on adult attachment to include exploration, we hope to elucidate the role of love in adult life, to explain some of the links between love and work, and to further demonstrate the explanatory and integrative power of attachment theory.

According to Bowlby, attachment and exploration are linked as follows: To learn about and become competent at interacting with the physical and social environment, one must explore.

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